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It’s a different game!  And here's some insights on the competition!


Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo shares many similarities with its high school counterpart.  However, the events are a bit different.  Here's how and why.


There are thirteen events. GIRLS can compete in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, team roping, and ribbon roping (which requires one Boy and one Girl).  In addition to the ribbon roping, BOYS can compete in team roping, chute dogging, Boy’s goat tying, and Boy’s breakaway roping or tie down roping, and Junior bull riding.


While most of the Girl’s events remain the same as the high school rules, the Boy’s events have many differences. For example:

  • In the Boy’s goat tying, they must use a pigging string and tie the goat like he would a calf -- with one full wrap around three legs and a hooey.

  • Both tie-down calf roping and breakaway roping are available to the Boy’s but they must choose at each rodeo which event they will compete in.  Boys cannot compete in both events during a rodeo.

  • Tie-down calf roping is the same as in high school calf roping and the Boy’s breakaway roping event follows the same rules as the Girl’s breakaway roping.

The two events that are most different from high school events are the Chute Dogging and the Ribbon Roping.


Chute dogging, which is comparable to high school steer wrestling, begins in the bucking chute -- not in the roping box. The contestant can get a partial hold on the steer inside the chute, and then nods for the gate to open.  The contestant can not get into the throwing position until after the start line that is ten feet from the chutes. The partial hold is the left hand on the left horn and the right hand on or behind the right front shoulder. The throwing position is the left arm under the nose and the right arm around the right horn. If the contestant moves into the throwing position before the start line, there is a ten second penalty. If the steer is thrown before the start line, it results in a disqualified run.


Ribbon roping is a unique event that involves one Boy and one Girl contestant. Either gender can be the Roper or Runner. The calf rope is tied on hard-and-fast like in calf roping.  After the calf is roped, the Roper gets off to help the Runner get the ribbon that is tied to the calf’s tail. The Runner takes the ribbon and runs across the finish line which is 30 feet in front of the roping chute.  The Roper must at least touch the calf before the runner crosses the finish line.



FAQ's About Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo


Who is Eligible Competition is open to boys and girls in the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grades.

Boys Events

  • Junior Bull or Steer Riding (Junior Bulls will be used at WD Jr High Finals Rodeo)

  • Calf Roping or Breakaway Calf Roping (Member must choose which event to enter)

  • Goat Tying (with a piggin' string)

  • Chute Dogging

  • Team Roping

  • Ribbon Roping

Girls Events

  • Barrel Racing

  • Pole Bending

  • Goat Tying (with a goat string)

  • Breakaway Calf Roping

  • Team Roping

  • Ribbon Roping

How Do I Join?

It's easy.  CLICK HERE to contact our Rodeo Secretary, or CLICK HERE to visit our Membership webpage and download the regular NHSRA Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo Membership Application forms for now.  Or, use the hyperlinks below to get your forms RIGHT NOW!

How Do I Enter?

Entering a rodeo is easy!  CLICK HERE to open a 2005-2006 Rodeo Entry Form!

You'll be following the same entry procedure that we currently use.  Learn about it by visiting our Entry Information webpage.

Who Can I Contact for More Information?

Our Rodeo Secretary, Terri Grinager, can give you any and all information that you need.  And any state officer or state director can help you, too.  CLICK HERE to get the contact information for all these resources.

When are the Wrangler® Division Junior High Rodeos?

The first Wrangler® Division rodeo is scheduled for August 13-14, 2005, during the Rose City (Region 2) rodeo.  CLICK HERE to visit the Fall 2005 rodeo information webpage.

What About the Wrangler® Division Junior High Finals Rodeo?

Each state or province will hold at least one qualifying rodeo and the top contestants in each event will be eligible for the Wrangler® Division Junior High Finals Rodeo.

CLICK HERE to visit Wrangler® Division information posted on the NHSRA website.<

CLICK HERE to view the April 19, 2005, announcement about the Wrangler® Division Finals at Gallup, New Mexico.<


Rodeo Secretary

Still have questions or concerns?  Feel free to contact our Rodeo Secretary directly.

Ms. Terri Grinager

16910 County Road 3 NE

Miltona, Minnesota  56354

(218) 943-1780


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