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Roll Call of Champions

Here are the current standings from some of the Fall rodeos -- Pine River, Rose City and Hugo, plus our four cuttings.  All points posted on the web are unofficial.  Official information can only be obtained from our Rodeo Secretary. 

For the first time, we've actually downloaded the rodeo results from Arena Manager into an Excel Pivot Table to create our Leader Board.  It's the newest feature of using our rodeo software... and lots easier on our Rodeo Secretary! 

In early Spring 2005, a summary of the Fall 2004 results will be mailed to each member.  In the meantime, we will labor to keep the web results current and correct.

A Special Message from Our Rodeo Secretary

This is a brief description of what takes place with the rodeo results and scoring. For many families, especially those new to MHSRA, it is surprising just how many steps are required to collect information to score a rodeo.

  1. While the rodeo is in action, lots of data is collected.
    1. The rodeo secretary is entering the results on to a sheet of paper similar to what the judge and timers use.
    2. The judges write down their information (including infractions or penalties) in scorebooks which they carry with them.
    3. The back-up timers record their times and scores, too.

Remember, during the rodeo slack and performance we announce “unofficial” results over the loudspeakers. But, remember that we have not yet collected all the official paperwork. Sometimes new information comes out (as you’ll see) and sometimes the announcer simply makes mistakes and announces wrong times or scores.

  1. When the performance is over but before the officials leave the arena, the judges go through their sheets with the rodeo secretary to confirm the input to the books. Wherever needed, back-up timer sheets are referenced (though not often).
  2. Immediately after the performance, Arena Manager (our rodeo computer program) is used to do a print out of the day’s activities. Quick averages are also calculated from Arena Manager when that’s needed.
  3. When the entire weekend is over, the rodeo secretary takes the paperwork home. It’s quite a stack of paperwork, even with the help of the computer! Usually, the rodeo secretary is the last person to leave the arena at the end of the rodeo… and now you know why!

Now, the most important part… the FINAL AUDIT of rodeo results by the Rodeo Secretary.

  1. While at home, the books are gone through with a fine tooth comb using Arena Manager and all official paperwork. The final results of the each rodeo are established, and the averages are finalized, too.
  2. Now, the final results from each rodeo are given over to the Rodeo Secretary.

Based on the final results from each rodeo, points for every event are allocated and recorded. Arena Manager keeps track of these points for us, and let’s us view the point totals many different ways because it is a “relational database.” It even helps us add up points to name our all-around champions and weekend event champions.

  1. The Rodeo and Rodeo Secretary then distributes the final results and points. A copy of points is sent to our webmaster who displays them on our website, www.mnhsra.org.
  2. We are as careful as we can to announce the correct results and points. However, sometimes the webpage does not match the official points due to a copy-and-paste issue as we transfer one page to another. And sometimes points and scores are announced at the rodeos but are inaccurate until the FINAL AUDIT. Remember, until the Final Audit the results are still “unofficial.”
  3. The official and accurate results and points stay in the secretary’s book and Arena Manager Program.

If you have a question or concern, I would be more than happy to show you the books and we can discuss the concern. Our email address is mtacres@midwestinfo.net or you can call me in the evenings at (218) 943-1780.

I wish you each success and I will see you at the next rodeo!

Respectfully submitted.

Terri Grinager

2005 Rodeo Secretary

Rodeo Secretary

Still have questions or concerns?  Feel free to contact our Rodeo Secretary directly.

Terri Grinager

16910 County Road 3 NE

Miltona, Minnesota  56354

(218) 943-1780

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