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Queen's Corner

Amber Hultman
2003-2004 Minnesota High School Rodeo Queen

16031 Lake Blvd.
Center City, MN 55012

Hi!  My name is Amber Hultman and I am the new Minnesota High School Rodeo Queen!  I am really excited about this opportunity to represent our state in local, regional, state and national events.

I thought it would be nice to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me.  I am fifteen years old and will turn 16 this summer.  I will be a junior this fall at Chisago Lakes High School in Lindstrom, MN.  We have a farm with 250 head of European Elk and about 100 head of Angus/Hereford cattle.  I participate on the varsity tennis team and am one of the wrestling managers. 

I started riding a horse when I was 11.  My mom sent me to a horse riding camp in Long Prairie, MN where I rode a POA for the week.  I got back home and still wouldn’t ride Erin’s appaloosa because I thought it was too tall.  Dad bought me a pony that some of you might remember.  I ran Baldey in several Little Britches rodeos, 4H and NBHA events.  She was a great pony but I got too big for my little horse.  She loved to eat Nutri-grain bars!  We got Scooter when he was four – he’s now seven and runs pretty good, often hitting the 2D and 3D times.  With Scooter we won the MN-IBRA Open 3D in 2002 and I was the MBRA junior rookie of the year in 2002.  We qualified for world NBHA championships in both open and youth classes for this year. 

I want to send a special thanks to the people who helped me become MHSRA Queen.  First and foremost, thank you Kelly Medek and Jo Jo Varner, who are great competitors.  It’s hard to compete against your friends and everyone was great.  Congratulations to Jo Jo as first runner up and to Kelly for winning Miss Congeniality!  For those of you who didn’t hear the numbers, Kelly sold over $700 worth of 50:50 raffle tickets during the performances last weekend! 

Thank you to Eryn and Patty Kuntz; both of whom helped with so many questions.  They were extremely helpful and put on a great contest. 

There are a couple of really great people who helped me a lot over the last few weeks.  Susan Hayvaert borrowed me a horse for the horsemanship competition.  She was extremely patient as we worked out twice at their farm to work out the bugs in my riding habits.  Her horse, Spicy, did an awesome job and was instrumental in helping me do well in the horsemanship part of the competition. 

Barbie Moore was helpful in answering questions, borrowing me clothes and trying to smooth out pre-competition jitters.  Her sister, Katie had a gift package for each of the queen candidates that were really great.  Barbie and my sister, Erin, are planning to come with me to New Mexico to help.   Again, a big thank-you to Barbie, Katie and Erin for all their support. 

Here’s my plan for a couple of upcoming royalty runs:

                MRA: New York Mills, June 29th
                NLBRA: Elk River, July 3
                NPRA Bull O Rama: July 3
                MRA: Sauk Rapids, July 4
                NLBRA: Elk River, July 5

If anyone has any other events that you would like me to represent MHSRA, let me know. 

Here’s to a great summer!  Good luck to those of you we are losing to graduation – I hope you had fun with high school rodeo.  Good luck to everyone heading to nationals and for everyone else – see you in Albert Lea!

MHSRA Queen,

Amber Hultman