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Inside this Newsletter

·          Kyle Partain to attend MN Rodeo

·         State Finals Update

·         New Points & Entry Secretaries

·         New Logo

Worlds Toughest Rodeo Event
MHSRA was well represented at the Xcel Energy Center in February. We had a number of students, parents, and directors who helped sell raffle tickets and promoted Minnesota High School Rodeo. Our Queen Eryn also had the opportunity to represent us and take a royalty ride both Friday and Saturday night.

News Letter Editor

 We are looking for a new newsletter editor. Teri Grinager has been our editor over the last several years and will be our new Points secretary. Teri has done a great job and we will miss her help in producing the letter. We are looking for a director, student, or parent who will have an interest in producing the monthly newsletter. The State would pay all postage and copy expenses. If interested please contact Doug Burn at or give Doug a call at 763-972-8130.

Minnesota Horse Expo April 25-26-27 2003

We need your help to work the Horse Expo. The Horse Expo is a great way for us to meet new members and promote Minnesota High School Rodeo to the horse community. Sharon Baker is coordinating the event and will welcome all students who can work the booth. We have brochures and schedules for our Spring rodeos. We are limited in the number of  complimentary tickets. So please sign up early and we can really use your help. The hours are as follows:

Friday April 25

8:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Saturday April 26

 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Sunday April 26

 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Please contact Sharon Baker for the work times and schedule. Make sure when you are working you are in western attire and bring you biggest smile! Sharon Baker’s email address is, please let her know when you can work.

Saddle Raffle Tickets Needed
Please get your 100 sold tickets turned into your Regional Director or send them to Patty Kuntz as soon as possible. We are counting on every contestant selling 100 tickets and contributing $100.00 to our State budget. The majority of all of our fundraising goes to help offset the cost of our State Finals and help with our obligations. One of those obligations is providing $2,000.00 in State scholarships to our graduating seniors.

The NHSRA Times and Kyle Partain to attend Alex Rodeo

Thanks to all the contestants who voted online in the last several months. Kyle Partain will be attending our first spring rodeo in Alexandria. Kyle writes the for the NHSRA Times and has the inside back page for his “ The Last Word”. He will be writing about our rodeo and will be interested in visiting with many of MHSRA families and looking for story ideas. Lets make sure he has a great time and put on a fantastic rodeo. It will be Good Friday and the last time we had the rodeo on Good Friday we had a huge night.

New Points & Entry Secretaries

As of the January board meeting we will have Teri Grinager and Stephanie Schumacher as our our new Points and Entry secretaries repectively.The spring rodeo packets will be out shortly and we encourge all you to return them as soon as possible. The new point totals should be up on the MHSRA website and through www.greatlakes and if you have any issues with the point totals please contact Teri Grinager.

2003 State Finals Update

We are under way with the final preparations for the 2003 State Finals. We have selected our stock contractor, judges, championship saddles, buckles and our clown. We are still in search of cutting cattle and a band or DJ for Saturday night dance at the Woodloch arena.  A reminder - We will not be able to set up/select camping sites for the State Finals in Hugo until Thursday June 12, 2003 after 3:00 PM. This is per the Deadbroke Saddle Club. Lets hope for a dry and  warm weekend of rodeo.


Deadbroke Saddle Club and the Forest Lake American Legion will be providing 1,000 American flags to the first 1,000 kids to attend Saturdays rodeo performance. Saturday June 14, 2003 is Flag Day and with the possibility of war it will make our Saturday performance very memorable.


New MHSRA Logo

We now have our new MHSRA logo available for our stationary, business cards and promotional items. Special thanks to Stacy Corrington and Sharon Baker for getting the items digitized and also moving the logo process along. It is great to have a logo designed by one of our contestants and then use the logo for our functions.


Spring Rodeos

April 18-19             Reg #2 Rodeo

                                Alexandria, MN

May 17-18             Region #1 Rodeo

                                Hines, MN

May 24-25             Region # 1 Rodeo

                                Elko, MN

May 31 -June 1     Region #4 Rodeo

                                Brainerd, MN

June 13-14-15        State Finals

                                Hugo, MN