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National Directors Report

MN National Director, Mike Grinager attended the NHSRA midwinter meeting in Denver.

Watch for your new TIMES magazine to arrive, it will explain some of the rule changes that were made.

Most of the national sponsors have bumped their money they donate. A couple  of the sponsors have offered each state a percentage of the money when we use their products. An example will be a Choice Hotel card, using this card when  you call in your reservation using the ID# it   automatically gives MN credit.

The OLN channel will air more HSR this year. Mike has put our name on the list. It appears we are set for the next  season. More info at a later date.

Send your entries in for Horse of the Year. This is due by March. Nice prizes to the lucky horse will be given at state finals. Your nominated  horse’s  points accumulate at our state finals, after the short go, the nominated horse with the most points is  named horse of the year.

Tip of the Hat award, send in your name or a members name that you have seen do something above and beyond. They are always looking for a winner for this award. Apparently the nominations are scarce. You can win a 20 X  Wrangler hat. Look in the NHSRA  TIMES for this information

The finals in Farmington are going to have another set of bleachers on the end of the arena closest to the Casino bleachers. Maybe another big screen?  This year their will be a pool hall  and arcades area. The Cowboy /Cowgirl Prom evening has been changed to the Tuesday  night  of first go.

It is time to gear up and get things ready to rodeo. See you in Alexandria in 77 days. MG