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Minnesota High School Rodeo

Board Meeting

Lakeville, MN September 20, 2003

C. Elm called the meeting to order.

Present: C. Elm, C. Carlson, B. Otto, M. Grinager, V. Hultman, K. Thoring, D. Schulz, R. Olson, S. Baker, G. Foutch, S. Hammer, M. Kuntz, K. Schumacher, S. Erichsrud, D. Coulter, G. Nelson, R. Buchanan, M. McPadden, R. Hammer, K. Grinager

Absent: S. Corrington.

Secretary Report: R. Buchanan made a motion to accept the minutes as sent either email or regular mail. Second by M. Grinager. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: Approximately $5,300 in “old” US Bank account and $2,898 in “new” US Bank account as the account changed from Patty Kuntz to Verna Hultman.  Patty is still waiting for the last of the checks to come through. Outstanding bills to pay: NHSFR insurance ($723) and cutting for Hugo ($750).  

President Report: With $8,000 in current state account we are sitting OK and gained a bit of ground in the fall.  With the ambulance and Dustin Nelson fee’s outstanding, the Lakeville rodeo should wash. Chance is in the process of putting together a state budget for finals.

National Director Report: Mike and Chance met with Deadbroke representatives’ Saturday morning during the Hugo Rodeo (September 6th). MHSRA asked for more money.  Examples of previous state rodeos go back to Spring Grove in 1998 with $20,000 plus awards.  Hugo is now up to $54,000 (including awards) with $10,000 being paid back for grounds and bleachers.  Deadbroke is open to ideas and wants to have us there.  They had a couple of requests: 1) Patrol area under announcer’s stand. 2) Consider armbands instead of buttons. 3) Have State Directors in unique shirt to help identify them (Deadbroke to provide).  4) Pile manure (no problem).  The current cost to the state is $42,000 with the rodeo costing approx. $20,000 and awards $20-21,000. The first two years, Deadbroke covered all of our costs.  Consideration included adding a special Sunday event with the high school rodeo being conducted over Thursday, Friday and Saturday with awards being Sunday morning.  This would also allow the secretary more time to review points and final standings.  It also gives the participants a chance to make their final decisions on travel arrangements, etc. Action Item: Mike Grinager will put together a historical spreadsheet showing our costs of state finals over the past few years for specific comparison.  Chance and Mike are planning a follow up meeting with Deadbroke in October.  Discussion opens to other ideas for state finals:

Park Rapids: S. Baker is looking for feedback on West Productions/Park Rapids.  They used to hose a PRCA the 4th of July weekend, which is now a bull-riding event.  With this on the schedule a state finals in June might be too close to the July program already in place. 

Roseau: K. Thoring reported the Eagles Club wouldn’t be able to help.

Windom: M. Grinager said they supported the IPRA Central Regional Finals.  G. Nelson said he checked with them a couple of years ago and they weren’t interested in MHSRA.

St. Paul Hippodrome: S. Baker said she knew whom to contact.  Action Item: Sharon will provide contact information.

General Scheduling suggested for FY04 finals.  Thursday 1st go, Friday 2nd go, Saturday night short go.  Sunday awards and added event.  Queen’s Contest would be scheduled Wednesday PM and Thursday AM.  Judges would be needed mid-week which may be more difficult.  Verna requested suggestion for judges from WSCA or other rodeo circuits.

Student Director’s Report: R. Hammer and K. Grinager asked about a Cowboy Prom during winter.  This has been done in the past with dates coordinating with previously scheduled state director’s meetings.  The last time a prom was conducted there were only 20 participants and food for 100.  Before the prom there was an annual Christmas party.  Suggestion would be to look at the Supper Club (south of Alexandria) that previously hosted these events and get ideas. 

Region 1: $2,600 in checking. Greg Otto is new president.  Paul Wiese is Vice President of Region 1.  Greg prefers only rodeo in either Bagley or Bemidji.  Paul would like to support two rodeos with the second location in Brainerd.  May look at August dates in conjunction with feeder sale at the sales barn.  New director Beverly Maruska. Nomination letter from Susan Hammer read by C. Elm. Motion made by C. Carlson, second by G. Nelson to approve Beverly Maruska as Region 1 director.  Motion carried.

Region 2: $1,400 in checking. Haven’t met since state finals with nothing new to report.  Region 2 has asked for Easter weekend for Alexandria Rodeo.  Motion made by C. Carlson to reserve this weekend for Region 2.   Second by R. Buchanan.  Motion carried.

Region 3: About $4,000 in checking.  Nothing new to report.  K. Schumacher asked for motion to add Ken Agre as Region 3 director.  Need nomination letter.  K. Schumacher to present at next board meeting.

Region 4: About $18.000 in checking.  C. Carlson commented regarding possible I90 rodeo the third weekend in April (two weekends after Alexandria).  He would like to consider state challenge with Iowa.  Promotional support may be available through local advertising, cable TV show and sponsors.  Suggestion was to approach Carhart to help with this rodeo.  Question as to whether or not MHSRA has a promotional video.  S. Baker said she and Doug Burn had put together the scripting but the video was not completed. 

Region 5: About $3,300-3,500 in checking with washout continuing from Hugo.  M. McPadden reported that Washington County is upset we left and went to Albert Lea.  One suggestion would be to support a Lake Elmo rodeo Thursday/Friday with an Albert Lea rodeo on Saturday/Sunday.  C. Elm noted the county fair convention is in January.  Action Item: C. Elm will put together flyer to build on county fair to get paid rodeos.  R. Olson asked that we avoid mid-week rodeos if possible.  C. Carlson suggested a “no points” rodeo for mid-week schedules.  B. Otto noted that he would not personally attend a “no points” rodeo. 


New Business:

Letter for corporate sponsorship

Calendar of meetings distributed – last Sunday of month

First cut of asset donations – C. Elm would appreciate any feedback.  M. Grinager noted that computer, software, printer type assets would go to MIS committee and presented to board while the asset committee would be the ones procuring funds for asset purchases.  Note: Copier is dead.

Looking for state sponsors (3M, SA, Slim Jim, Bremer Bank, No Name Steaks, Schwanns).  State sponsors would be able to support an event for the year ($8,000) with their banner and flag at every rodeo.  A particular event could be referred to as “Cenex Steer Wrestling”.  This would still allow local sponsors to support individual events and be advertised as well.  C. Elm will put together a form and list.  C. Carlson made a motion to pursue state sponsors.  Second by D. Coulter. Motion passed.

Judges sheets – G. Nelson reported that we have not been consistent with posting judges score sheets as required.  M. Grinager indicated they are posted on Saturdays but may not always be posted on Sunday.  He will investigate.

Rodeo school – G. Nelson requested a committee that will find, support and negotiate rodeo schools for our kids.  The committee would try to negotiate pricing so more kids can afford to attend.  Currently schools are $200-300 a piece.  The committee would also approach the MN Horse Expo for possible funding.  Action item: Gene will write up a committee outline and present at next board meeting. 

Greg Otto – Greg asked for the floor to discuss several issues that MHSRA may want to consider.  He felt that previous state president (1997) he had a bit of history and experience that might be helpful.

·         Fall of 2002, contestants received entry confirmation in the mail.  This was a good practice and something we should have continued.

·         Hines Rodeo, spring 2003: Order of events was changed so barrel racers could attend NBHA show while at the same time other contestants were 15 minutes late and charged $100 or told to go home.  He also noted at this rodeo that the rodeo secretary had been treated poorly with verbal abuse that isn’t appropriate for MHSRA.  He felt the board should stand up and support the rodeo secretary.

·         Brainerd – bareback rider was supposed to be in bulls (graduating senior attending state high school track meet).  Question: he should have competed at end of event or end of go-round, not in the middle.

·         Annual meeting – needs to be held in June (not end of May)

·         Coggins papers – no one has asked for copies this year.

·         Eligibility requirements – one female contestant was expelled the week before graduation and was still allowed to compete at state finals.  Found 5 kids competing at state that weren’t eligible.

·         Pick up man under 18 years old – are we providing adequate standard of care for our rough stock riders?  M. Grinager has reviewed this with the national board and our insurance carriers.  The stock contractor is required to provide experienced pick-up personnel and there is no age requirement. 

Greg’s comments appreciated with points.

Website: M. Kuntz doesn’t feel the current website is helpful and contains dated information.  Others in the group use the website quite a bit and are able to find the information they need.  More effort will be made to delete old information and improve the site.  No issues solved on this item.


Motion made by C. Carlson to adjourn, second by K. Grinager

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