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Fergus Falls Entries Postmarked No Later Than May 20, 2006


We are always looking for new members to join us in the fun and challenge of High School and Junior High school rodeo.  Members, starting in 6th Grade, are eligible to rodeo with us starting our Fall Season. 

Again in 2005-2006, each MHSRA member is required to attach a $100 check written out to the MHSRA to your Minnesota membership application.  This check is a deposit for fundraising money that can be earned during the 2005-2006 season.  No check will be cashed until June 2005 at the earliest.  Fundraising ideas will be forwarded to each member via your regional director or officer.

High School Rodeo Membership A regular member enjoys the privileges associated with the organization.  Those privileges include scholarships, awards, and potentially a position on our national team.  More importantly, it includes experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.
Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo Membership Jut like a regular High School member, a Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo member also enjoys the privileges associated with a Minnesota and National organization.  Those privileges include scholarships, awards, and potentially a position on our first National team.
One-Time Membership In contrast, a one-time membership applies to a two-day rodeo.  Without paying the state or national membership fees, a qualified 6th-12th Grade student can join us at a greatly reduced fee. 

Although one-time members cannot earn points or honors, you can still get a great idea of what high school rodeo is all about and consider joining as a regular member.  As a one-time member, you are eligible to compete in all events.

Remember, a one-time membership is just that -- one time.  If you like your experience in high school rodeo we encourage you to join us as a regular member using the applications and forms above.

2005-2006 Membership and Entry Forms

High School Rodeo Membership
Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo Membership
One-Time Membership

Member and Organization Rules

Membership and rule information that are required for each MHSRA member is available over the web using these link.  New members received copies of National and Minnesota rules, bylaws and our constitution at the time of sign-up.  Annually, all updated National and Minnesota rules, bylaws and ground rules are distributed on or near the first Fall Season rodeo.

Rodeo Secretary

Still have questions or concerns?  Feel free to contact our Rodeo Secretary directly.

Mrs. Terri Grinager

16910 County Road 3 NE

Miltona, Minnesota  56354

(218) 943-1780 (Evenings, 6:00-8:00 pm)


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