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Members Relax After A PerformanceYour Site.  Your Web Pages.


We've tried to craft the Contestant Section for you...  the MEMBERS.  You are the reason we're together.  The Association is all about its young adult contestants.

There are a number of pages here that tell a story about the real champions of Minnesota High School Rodeo.  Those pages are all about you.  And we are very proud of each of your accomplishments.

But, we're no mind readers.  So, tell us what you want to see, hear or what information is necessary for your success.  We've put together a series of resources for you but, ultimately, you are the true users. 

Let us know what members need to achieve their highest potential in rodeo, leadership and scholarship endeavors.  Follow the Contact Us links and we will be there for you.

Athleticism, Leadership and Scholarship

Minnesota High School Rodeo Association cherishes our Western Heritage.  In fact, it's a part of the mission of the National High School Rodeo Association.

As a part of that, we focus on three elements of personal growth in our members:

  Rodeo Athleticism

Athletic performance is the foundation of this sport.  Unlike other sports, rodeo athletes depend on their animal partners to achieve peak performance.  It's more than riding fast, holding on to a rope, or sitting on a bull.  It's RODEO

Good runs.  Bad runs.  Sometimes the work is the reward.


Our members get ample opportunity to lead others inside the arena and elsewhere.  Student directors and Wrangler All*Star captains lead the charge, but it's up to everyone to make the association work.  Watch our members in and around the arena stepping up to offer help and lend a hand. 


We value scholarship and academic achievement.  We put that value into action by offering state and national scholarships to those with a desire to go on with their education.  Educational eligibility requirements are an important foundation of our members, and each member must be in good standing and progressing towards graduation in their own high schools.

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