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Minnesota High School Finals Rodeo -- Putting Our Best Feet Forward 


Not just for the members, but for our entire Association.

In order for things to go smoothly, we need to plan well ahead of the trip.  And that means lots of involvement from volunteers.  We need parents, other adults, and good old-fashioned elbow grease to make the year-end rodeo run smoothly.  You do not need to be an officer or director to handle this work -- only committed to making the work happen for our kids.

Consider being a volunteer by looking at this preliminary lists of jobs and needs.  This is only PRELIMINARY and probably incomplete.  Watch for updates!



Action Items


Back-Up Timers

·  Rodeo Secretary

Ten volunteers needed:

·  Thursday slack and performance

·  Friday cutting

·  Friday slack and performance

·  Saturday cutting finals

·  Saturday finals


·  Nothing done

Cutting Event Volunteers

Cutting Event Directors

·  Shape the arena into the cutting event

·  Help move/sort cattle

·  Replace fencing


·  Nothing done

Host for Contractors (Two Judges, Cutting Judge, Announcer and Clown)

Stock Contractor Chairman

·  Welcome contractors

·  Make sure they have the schedule

·  Offer suggestions for eating places nearby

·  Ensure they are paid before leaving


·  Nothing done

Host for Sponsors

Volunteer Needed

·  Set up Sponsor Section in bleachers

·  Welcome sponsors at the performance


·  Nothing done

Finals Program Supplement

Volunteer Needed

·  Edit the 2003 Program (Word Document) to insert 2004 information

·  Get printed

·  Bring to the Gate for sale


·  2003 Program done


Awards Breakfast Planning

Volunteer Needed

·  Set up Awards Breakfast (schedule, menu, costs)

·  Get volunteers to help serve breakfast


·  Nothing done

Award Celebration Set-Up


·  Set up saddles, buckles, etc. for Awards

·  Help keep flow of champions moving


·  Nothing done

Awards Photography


·  Take pictures on Sunday morning of champions


·  Done

National Sign-Up Volunteers

Executive Secretary

·  Get volunteers to manage the large sign-up process


·  Nothing done

Concession Planning



·  Determining the feasibility of using concessions to offset rodeo expenses

Concession Volunteers



·  Determining the feasibility of using concessions to offset rodeo expenses

Family Swimming Party

Volunteer Needed

·  Set up schedule at Forest Lake Middle School for family swimming time


·  Nothing done

Member Dance(s)

Volunteer Needed

·  Set up social events for the membership

·  Get appropriate food, treats, music

·  Supply chaperones

·  Clean-up


·  Nothing done


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