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Every organization is measured by its members and volunteers.  Minnesota High School Rodeo is no exception.

Our Association has many effective groups working within it to create the best outcomes for our members and their families.  A description of those Association Committees is provided in the event you wish to participate in some way in the workings of the Board of Directors.  Officers or directors in bold are the chairperson for that specific committee.



Key/Focus Responsibilities§


Decision Target Date


Executive Committee¨

Chance Elm

Mike Grinager

Cory Carlson

Mike McPadden

Doug Burn

Verna Hultman**


·     Shall meet when necessary as deemed by the President

·     Membership is President, National Director, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President and Past President.  The Executive Secretary shall be present in a non-voting capacity to record the Executive Session.

As needed

As needed

Nominations Committee¨


Bill Otto

Mike Grinager

Davern Schultz


·     Prepare a slate of candidates for office

·     Convene at the Sate Championship Rodeo to consider nominations

·     Interview prospective nominees

·     Present a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting


Slate of candidates:

·     President

·     First Vice-President

·     Second Vice-President

·     Executive Secretary

·     Rodeo Secretary

June 2005

Public Relations Committee – Association Fundraising©

Stacy Corrington

Sue Prosser

·     To raise funds to support the organization’s missions.

·     Set 2005 fundraising target and plan


·     August 2004


Rules and By-laws Committee©

Kerry Haugh

Gene Nelson

·     Compile and publish the Ground Rules and Bylaws of Minnesota High School Rodeo Association.

·     Gather by-law and rule change proposals and pre-qualify them for appropriateness and compliance with NHSRA.

·     To recommend new/revised rules and bylaws to the board at the annual meeting.


·     List of proposed by-law and ground rule changes

·     Board recommendation

·     April 2005


·     June 2005

Budget Committee©


Chance Elm

Mike Grinager

Doug Burn


·     Prepare the annual capital budget.

·     Prepare the annual operating budget, including the budget for the Minnesota High School Finals Rodeo.


·     Capital budget

·     Annual operating budget

·     July  2004

·     August 2004


Contract Personnel & Stock Approval


Dan Coulter

Kalvin Schumacher

Tom Barrett

Sherry Hamann


·     Compile a list of contract personnel that meet MHSRA criteria ( stock contractors, judges, announcers, clowns and pick-up men)

·     Maintain a current list of qualified rodeo personnel (arena directors, timers, back-up secretaries, etc.)

·     Keep inventory of all the MHSRA safety equipment; keep equipment maintained.

·     Recommend the contractors for the State Finals Rodeo


State Rodeo contractors:

·     Stock contractor

·     Announcer

·     Clown

·     Judges

·     Pick-up men


State Finals Rodeo date set September 2004

Awards Committee


Cory Carlson

Sandy Adelhelm

Beverly Maruska


·     Compile key awards suppliers and buying contracts

·     Recommend the awards for the State Finals and State Champions.


·     Key Supplier List for Awards

·     State Finals Awards (who, what and how many) and budget

·     Recommended award list


·     January 2004

·     February 2004



·     February 2004

Scholarship Committee


Doug Burn

Judy Pittman

Wendy Schiesser


·     Compile a list of the scholarship awards awarded by MHSRA

·     Recommendation for recipients to be voted on by the board at the May 2004 Board of Directors Meeting.

·     Recommend MHSRA-based event training scholarship / rebate protocol if possible


·     Scholarship budget

·     Selection criteria

·     Recommended winners

·     November 2003

·     April 2004

·     May 2004

Rodeo School Committee

Mike McPadden

Scott Hart

Mark Johnson



·     Identify arenas and instructors for contestant instruction

·     Negotiate most favorable cost per contestant

·     Schedule at least one training session during the non-competitive months


·     Arenas and instructors

·     Pricing strategy (discounts?)

·     Training schedule

·     December 2003

Queen Contest Committee


Becky Boll

Verna Hultman




·     Manage all aspects of the Queen Contest during the Spring 2004 season

·     Prepare 2004 Queen for National Competition


·     Established budget

·     Execution format within MHSFR weekend

·     List of required materials


·     November 2003

·     February 2004


·     May 2004



Corporate Gifts

Chance Elm

Association family members employed by corporations with $1 billion in revenues

·     To obtain incremental funds through soliciting corporate grants, endowments, and scholarship funds



Media and Awareness / Promotions

To be determined

Region 1 contact

Region 2 contact

Region 3 contact

Region 4 contact

Region 5 contact

·     Promote Minnesota High School Rodeo Association:

1.        Raise awareness of contestant achievements through media exposure (state and local press)

2.        To expose the Association to the general public (advertisements, programs, posters)

3.        To increase  membership


·     Establish media plan





§ NHSRA committee descriptions and responsibilities are outlined in the 2003-2004 Rules, By-Laws & Constitution< (pages 16-20) and can augment information provided in this summary.  This summary is not intended to supersede that information.  Rather, the summary provides a focus for the activities needed in 2003-2004 for Minnesota High School Rodeo Association, Inc.  Committee chairpersons should become familiar with the material published by NHSRA.

¨ MHSRA committee description and responsibilities are available in Minnesota High School Rodeo Association Constitution and By-Laws (Revised 6/2004).

** Non-voting Committee Member

© No description or responsibilities are outlined in Minnesota High School Rodeo Association Constitution and By-Laws (Revised 6/2003) (page 10).  Please refer to the NHSRA committee descriptions and responsibilities outlined in the 2003-2004 Rules, By-Laws & Constitution< (pages 16-20).


Some forms are in Adobe® Acrobat (*.pdf) format and require the free download, while others are in Microsoft® Word (*.doc) or Microsoft® Excel (*.xls).  Use your own word processing and spreadsheet application to view/use the forms.

To obtain your free download of Adobe® Acrobat, follow this hyperlink:

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