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A Special Message from Our Rodeo Secretary


With the Fall rodeos just about here, it will be time to get your rodeo entries in.

Something I have found to be helpful is to send all of the Fall rodeo entry forms in at one time. Fill all of your entry forms in and send a separate check for each rodeo, attached to each separate rodeo entry form. You can date the checks for the first day of the rodeo you are entering since the checks are not cashed until the time of the rodeo. This can help to avoid late fines if you forget the deadline date.

New for 2004-2005 Cattle Cutting Entries (Boys and Girls)

At the June 2004 Annual Meeting the state board started Optional Cutting events, per the National Rulebook (page 76).  As a consequence, Cattle Cutting events for boys and girls will be entered separately.

Cutting cattle event points will not contribute to the All-Around points except for those cutting event points earned during the 2005 Minnesota High School Finals Rodeo.  There are already four cuttings planned, but watch for other future cutting events.

Entry Form Process

  1. Fill in the top of the entry form completely, including Social Security number.
  2. Parent(s) must sign next to each event entered (full signature, not just initials, as well as the medical release portion on the entry form. The medical release must be notarized prior to the entry form being sent
  3. The fees shown on the entry forms are for a 2-day rodeo. If entering for one day only, then entry fee would be 1/2 of the amount shown. (This does not include the grounds fee).
  4. The $10 ground fee is not a "camping" fee, and must be paid where you are staying at the rodeo ground or not. This is a "per family" fee.
  5. Entry fees must be sent with the entry form
  6. Do not pay entry fees for more than one rodeo with the same check...it will be returned to you and separate checks will be requested. Different regions put on the rodeos, and the money has to be kept separate
  7. A signature from a school official will be required on EACH entry form
  8. Preference request must be submitted in writing and sent with the entry form stating the reason for the request. Preferences are only given for family, religious, or school functions.

Check-In Process

  1. You must check in between the published check in times at each rodeo.
  2. Any missing signatures, balances due, etc. must be taken care of at this time, or you will not be allowed to compete.
  3. You must be wearing your back number when you check in. From then on, they have to be worn for the entire weekend, and must be visible at all times.
  4. If you are delayed for any reason during the morning of check in, you must call the published emergency number.  You will need to pay a $50 late fee if you still wish to compete.
  5. It is your responsibility to check your events on the day sheets immediately and report and discrepancies before the end of check in.

Other Important Notices

Members are accountable for knowing and understanding all the rules and bylaws of the Association.  Each member was issued copies of the 2004 National Rulebook, the Minnesota Constitution and Bylaws, and the Minnesota Ground Rules.  Become familiar with these documents before you rodeo.

Please make sure forms are send to the appropriate people:

I wish you each success and I will see you at the next rodeo!

Rodeo Secretary

Still have questions or concerns?  Feel free to contact our Rodeo Secretary directly.

Ms. Terri Grinager

16910 County Road 3 NE

Miltona, Minnesota  56354

(218) 943-1780



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