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MHSRA Alumni


  • To promote the sport of rodeo and the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship and expose its positive image to the general public

  • To preserve the Western Heritage

  • To offer a privilege of family bonding

  • To offer an opportunity of continuing education

  • To maintain the highest regard for the livestock

Equal Number of Rodeo Events for Boys and Girls

Unlike other rodeo associations, the National High School Rodeo Association and all this member states and provinces offers seven boys events and seven girls events.  That means that there is lots of action for every ability level, interest, and age -- regardless of gender.  This is one important way that high school rodeo is unique and special.

Here is the listing of events.  Feel free to browse them and get a sense of what's right for you!

Bareback Riding (Boys only)

Goat Tying (Girls only)

Barrel Racing (Girls only)

Pole Bending (Girls only)

Breakaway Calf Roping (Girls only)

Queen Contest (Girls only)

Bull Riding (Boys only)

Saddle Bronc Riding (Boys only)

Tie-Down Calf Roping (Boys only)

Steer Wrestling (Boys only)

Cattle Cutting (Boys and Girls)

Team Roping (Boys and Girls)


Organization Profile

Minnesota High School Rodeo Association is a self-supporting, non-profit organization. We require our members:

  • To conduct themselves in an exemplary manner.
  • To abide by a strict dress code when competing.
  • To "play by the rules".
  • To maintain their grades at the same level it takes to play high school sports in their respective schools.

Education is of paramount importance to this organization, and we have a scholarship program in place to help further the education of all of our members.

Minnesota High School Rodeo Association is a charter state of National High School Rodeo Association, Inc.  Twice each year, member states, Canadian provinces and Australian organizations meet to conduct official business of the national association.  Rules, by-laws and guidelines are distributed to member organizations through our respective National Directors.

Volunteers throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin donate their time and efforts to support the student membership.   

Our Minnesota organization is divided into five regions and is governed with an overarching Board of Directors that meets monthly.  All meetings are open to the public, and voluntary participation is strongly encouraged.

Contact Information

We hope that our Website provides answers to your frequently asked questions.  If not, there are a number of resources who can give you the information that you need.

National Director, Mike Grinager

16910 County Road 3 NE
Miltona, Minnesota 56354  USA

(218) 943-1780

President, Cory Carlson

15771 540th Avenue

Wells, Minnesota  56097  USA

(507) 553-5979

Executive Secretary, Verna Hultman

16031 Lake Boulevard

Center City, Minnesota  55012-9645  USA

(651) 257-6780

Rodeo Secretary, Terri Grinager

16910 County Road 3 NE
Miltona, Minnesota 56354  USA

(218) 943-1780



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